A Functional Life Style.

Welcome to OnShore Athletes! A fitness program works outside of the gym.

Welcome to OnShore Athletes

Patrick is a certified trainer specializing in natural body exercises. In 2017, he was diagnosed with cancer and after beating this very common disease, he directed his intentions towards health and wellness. His journey within preventative lifestyles lead him to become a professional coach and trainer for all walks of life. He feels extremely lucky to share his passionate take on physical fitness within the Rockaway community.

This program was grown organically on the sands and boardwalks of Rockaway Beach, Queens. Luckily our community has adapted to the pandemic, and we’ve found a way to stay active, sweat and keep fit under natural sunlight.

The programs created are designed specifically to your needs, abilities, goals, and lifestyle. At any age in life, movement and the ability to feel strong gives us the opportunity to live fully and more freely – this is why Onshore Athletes exists.

Want to Change Your Life?

Boost your Fitness

Become stronger, healthier, and more educated into fitness and the wellness of life. Our workouts will have you looking and feeling fantastic.

Mindful Training

Every person is unique and special, and that's how your workouts should be. OSA keeps into account everyone's style and helps them achieve each personal goal.

Core Functionality

Strength and looking great is cool and all, but what's the point if it isn't functional?! Our programs are designed not only help you in fitness, but to have it help you in all areas of life.


Training with Patrick has been a game changer for keeping both my body and mind healthy during these uncertain times. His workouts are balanced, effective and empowering. I especially appreciate Patrick's ability to recognize my potential and encourage me to work towards new goals. He is dedicated to his craft and plans energizing training sessions that are fun and rewarding!
Rosemary L.
I have been training with Patrick for over a year. Patrick has a vast amount of knowledge. He can adapt the workouts to anyone. He knows how to construct the perfect workout. He pushes you outside your comfort zone. If you are looking for a trainer I highly recommend Patrick
Joyce Z.
I have been working with Patrick since February of this year and have lost 15 pounds! But more importantly I’ve built muscle, and regained the overall healthy habits I used to practice before having my babies. Patrick gave me the accountability I needed to get back on track. He’s motivating but relaxed at the same time. His fun workouts and his friendly presence make me look forward to our sessions together!
Kelly C.

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Kick Boxing

Young Athlete Development

Private Training

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